If you are falling into debt, it can be easy to fall into traps where you end up borrowing from payday Lenders where you pay exhorbitant interest rates or from illegal money lenders (Loan Sharks) who may threaten you if you can’t pay on time.

You may think that you are on your own and you will always be in debt – however this is not always the case. You can turn to organisations such as the National Debtline service.

What is the National Debtline?

National Debtline is a free and independent service set up by the Money Advice Trust. They are impartial and confidential.

Last year, they gave high-quality free debt advice to over 250,000 people. They helped 93% of users stabilise or reduce their debt.

Upon joining the team, the National Debtline advisors are given expert and comprehensive training. They are continuously receiving training on new and emerging issues to ensure they’re able to help in any situation.

Being an extension of the Money Advice Trust, you should have assurance that these guys know what they’re talking about. National Debtline was even given an award by the Advice Services Alliance, complimenting them on the quality of their advice.

Not only is the quality of their service exceptional, but so is the range of services they provide. They can advise you on Bankruptcy, Debt Relief Orders, Debt Management Plans, debt recovery time limits and any legal implications and limitations.

They even have information about improving your Credit Score. National Debtline leave no leaf unturned when it comes to credit and debt concerns.

You can access their services through online guides, webchat, email or phone. There will always be a way to get the help you want.

If you are concerned about your debt, National Debtline may be a good place to start. For more information, visit https://www.nationaldebtline.org/.

Have you fallen victim of a loan shark?

The Stop Loan Sharks team is there to help you fight of loan sharks. You can find out more about loan sharks here.