An Engage Card is a prepaid Visa Debit card. You pay money onto the card by standing order via Thamesbank Credit Union and then you can shop, pay bills and save money with a cash-back reward programme.

You decide how much you pay onto the card, so it can help you budget and there is no danger of overdrawing the account. You can only spend what you have paid in.
The important thing to remember is that the Engage prepaid card has no overdraft facility – so no spiralling debts from overspending.

The Engage Card lets members benefit from cash-back rewards at stores like Asda, Argos plus utilities, mobile/broadband contracts and insurance products.
Each time you spend with a store that is part of the Engage programme, you will receive up to 15% back.

  • All members receive an Engage Card upon joining
  • No credit checks are carried out
  • Standing orders available
  • You load funds direct from your Thamesbank Credit Union account
  • The card can be used in shops or for Internet shopping without charge
  • Cashback rewards are paid on everyday shopping when using the card at a number of well-known high street retailers
  • There is a mobile App available (for iPhone and Android) which allows you to manage your account from your phone
  • There is a low fee of £1.00 for this card
  • Cashback is free at most retailers
  • To withdraw cash from an ATM there is a 75p fee

See the Engage website for more details.

Want to take the stress and hassle out of paying your rent, mortgage, utilities, and phone bills? Your Engage account comes with a special feature that allows you to place money into “virtual Envelopes” so you don’t accidentally spend the cash you need to pay essential bills. You can set up the Envelopes, or the team at Thamesbank Credit Union can do it for you. Once they’re set up you don’t need to worry about them. Money will be automatically put into the envelopes when it comes into your account.