Thamesbank’s Salary Saving Scheme brings quite a few benefits to employees and employers:

Benefits to Employer /benefits to your company or organisation

  • Thamesbank Credit Union promotes personal financial stability, so offering savings through Payroll deduction is a commitment to your employees
  • This benefit helps build employee loyalty, and employees financial, physical and in some cases mental wellbeing. It also reduces requests for salary advance and absence due to financial strains
  • As a partner employer, you will benefit from the good publicity gained through participating in this initiative aimed at supporting employees and giving them easy access to savings and loans
  • Many employers in our area have become Thamesbank Credit Union partner employers, gaining the benefit of our expertise in savings and loans services
  • There is no charge for arranging payroll deduction
  • Supporting the local community as all profits go back to members in the form of an annual dividend

Benefits to employees:

  • Professional and friendly staff team in the credit union office
  • Experience has shown that people tend to budget around the bottom-line figure on their monthly salary
  • By “savings” via a payroll deduction, healthy amounts of money can be saved easily with minimum effort
  • Members’ savings are protected fully under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  • Savings can start from £5 a month or £1.00 per week
  • Accounts and balances can be viewed online via PIN access to our secure website
  • Members can open Junior Savings Accounts for their children or grandchildren
  • Members benefit from favourable rates on loans with a maximum interest rate capped at 3% a month on the reducing balance

Our Employer Partners are located in the Thamesbank Credit Union area of the London Boroughs of:

  • Ealing
  • Hounslow
  • Richmond Upon Thames
  • Kingston Upon Thames
  • Wandsworth
  • Borough of Spelthorne, Surrey

Find out more about the Salary Saving Scheme here.