By Mukesh Malhotra

One of the questions that I get frequently get asked is, “What is your approach to managing your money – do you have a tip for saving, and do you think rewards for hitting saving goals work?”

I use a simple philosophy called the 50/30/20 rule. I have shared this with my family and friends as it’s worked for me.

Depending on your personal circumstance
a) Use 50% to cover your regular expenses
b) Then use 30% or 20% to cover your incidental costs
c) Then use 30% or 20% to save every month depending on your personal circumstances.

It’s a great tip to list your must-haves and nice-to-haves, an alternative way of looking at this is your emergency and non-emergency funds – those payments which just have to be paid and those which you can buy after a few months of saving. Ideally, I like to save between three to six months of savings as security in case something happened to my job and I make sure not to touch that.

I always look forward to holidays and special celebrations with the family. To me, those are part of my must-haves and I make it a priority once my other essential payments have been paid out.

If you want to go into more detail about the 50/30/20 rule of money, here is a video that explains this concept.

Source: The Legacy Journals

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