Christmas isn’t too far away!!! We don’t know about you, but here at the Credit Union, we couldn’t be more excited. However, we understand that as amazing as Christmas is, it can be costly. So, in order to keep the financial burden away, we did a little research and put together a list of 12 tips that can help you save a little bit of cash this festive season so that you can fully enjoy the day and not bring any money worries into the new year:

Check out the sales

Make a list of the people you need to get presents for, then keep your eyes peeled for goods at decent prices and jump on them. You don’t have to just do this around Christmas time – shops have deals going all year round. So not only will you save money, you’ll save time as you’ll have most of your gifts ready. Keep a little section of your cupboard free for Christmas gifts and stock it up.


Don’t forget, Christmas is just ONE day. Don’t bring stress into the New Year by ending up broke after spending so much in preparation for it. Instead, figure out what you can afford, sort out a budget and stick to it.

Write up a list

Santa isn’t the only one who should make a list and check it twice. We’re all guilty of impulse purchases when we’re out Christmas shopping. So make a good old shopping list and stick. To. It.

Secret Santa

When you’ve got a group of friends or work colleagues, Secret Santa is a great way to keep the costs down. All you need to do is set a budget, pick a name out of a hat and then just focus on getting that one person a present for Christmas.

Or agree to not buy gifts at all this year

If you’re tight for money, don’t be ashamed to speak to your friends and family and come to an agreement on no gifts this year. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s true: the people who really care about you won’t mind not getting gifts. You can limit your gift-giving to just immediate family or, to save a little more money, you could do Secret Santa just in the family.

Start saving well in advance

It’s never too early to start saving up for Christmas. If you need a little help doing that, the credit union has got the Xmas Club Savings Account available for its members. If you’d like to join the Xmas club, become a member of the credit union and let us know that you would like an account set up for you.

Planning a Christmas visit? Book your tickets in advance

Generally the later you leave it, the more expensive it gets. So, if you know you’re going home for the holidays, buy your ticket a month or so in advance.

Switch up the traditions

Traditions are what make the holidays what they are, but sometimes they can just be a financial headache. Changing up traditions like going away on a big family holiday or buying your kids extravagant gifts can really help you save some cash. Some personal favourite cheap activities include:

  • Seeing the Christmas lights in London
  • Having some homemade hot chocolate and watching a good ol’ Christmas film
  • Baking cookies or cakes (or both!) with the whole family

Show the kids that it’s not all about how much you spend on one another, but the quality time you spend with one another.

Never used it? Sell it!

It’s a pretty good way to earn a little extra cash for gifts and food and whatever else you need for Christmas. You could sell it on Facebook, Instagram, Ebay – wherever.

DIY it

Who doesn’t love a home-made gift? It shows that you took time out to create something special for that person.

Charity shops and car boot sales

You’d be surprised at the goodies you can find in a charity shop. Have a look in one local to you or find out where your nearest car boot sale is and check that out.

Go crazy with online discounts

And not just around Christmas time – there are online discounts ALL the time! Keep your eyes peeled and if you see something you think someone might like PLUS there’s a discount going, buy it and store it to give as a gift on Christmas day. There are also plenty of websites you could go to in order to get discount codes.

We hope this helps you!