For 10 years, Debt Awareness Week has been raising awareness about the free debt advice offered by StepChange. This year is especially important because more people are struggling financially due to rising costs.

Why don’t people seek help sooner?

Many people don’t know where to turn for help, especially if they’ve never had debt problems before. Sadly, many people wait over a year to get help, which can make things worse.

What are the barriers?

People delay getting help for several reasons, including:

  • Not understanding how debt advice could help them
  • Being worried that their friends or family will find out
  • Fears that their credit score will be affected, or they won’t be able to borrow more money
  • Mental health issues making it more difficult to get help
  • Not having enough time to seek advice and tackle their debt

Debt Awareness Week: breaking down barriers

This week, StepChange is focusing on these barriers and how to overcome them. They will provide information and support each day of the week to address a different barrier.

The impact of debt

Debt can affect anyone. Most StepChange clients (92%) wish they had gotten help sooner. This Debt Awareness Week, StepChange wants to help people get the debt advice they need, faster.

StepChange’s 60-second debt test, can help you understand if you may need additional support and can help direct you towards whatever will help you most. You can also start debt advice online, and their expert advisors are on hand if you need some extra help.