‘A problem shared is a problem solved.’

Break the stigma around money and start conversations amongst family, friends and the community about your finances.

This week is the start of #talkmoneyweek, an annual awareness campaign coordinated by the Money and Pensions Service to encourage everyone to open up about their money and pensions.

Talking about money is essential for building financial confidence and resilience. It can also have a huge impact on tackling money worries and is important for our overall health and relationships. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and pressures due to the rising cost of living has made it more important than ever to start conversations about money to look after our financial wellbeing.

An example is talking about debts, an important topic that is rising rapidly in the current economic climate. You can read our article on ‘how to get out of debt’ here.

Supporting you to talk about money

The Credit Union movement have been supporting local communities throughout their existence and especially during this pandemic period.

Here at Thamesbank Credit Union, we have created products to support our key workers, local companies to become partners without any cost to them and finally supporting families with being able to open savings accounts which can be accessed online at anytime of the day.

You can also read some guides from MoneyHelper to help you start a ‘money’ conversation.