Gas and electricity bills have been rising fast. In your home, there are quick wins on how you can save money such as limiting your shower time to just four minutes, washing clothes at 30 C, switching on lights only in the rooms that you need them, to name but a few.

Below are some ways that you can make improvements around your home to save on high heating bills.

1. Insulating and boarding your loft

While loft insulation can last about 80-100 years, the #insulation technology has changed, and better options are available.

Also, if you have been up and moved things about in your loft, there is a chance you can move the insulation.

While insulating your loft, it is a good idea to board it out also.

– A simple insulation and boarding out of a loft can be as little as £600 depending on the loft size and if you need any repairs.

– The other benefit of boarding out your loft has a flat level that you can use it as an additional storage area. It can almost be like having an additional room in the house.

2. Bleed Radiators

Often an overlooked and straightforward fix to a heating system is the need to bleed your radiators to ensure they are running efficiently.

Over time, air can enter into the system and may need topping up with water and let out trapped air.

The trapped air in the system can stop the warm water from circulating and leave the top part of the radiator cold and ineffective. Meaning your heating system has to work harder to heat the room.

3. Check your roof for damage

Wind, rain and frost can all lead to damage that goes unnoticed.

This damage to your roof could be letting in rainwater or letting heat escape.

The average roof will last around 60 years and not need much doing to it in that time, but it’s always best to check and take action when minor repairs need doing.

By “ignoring” the minor repairs on a roof will typically lead to more significant and expensive repairs over time.

Making sure your roof is sealed from the elements will also help keep your home heated for longer.

Have you ever seen a snow-covered roof where the snow melts faster on some over others?

It’s often because of a #damaged or poorly insulated roof the heat is escaping faster and not being retained by the insulation.

These are just some of the ways to make your home more efficient in terms of keeping it warm especially in the winter months. If you need help financially with home improvements, why not take advantage of our home improvement/owner loan? Find out more.