“This is a particularly challenging time where many people are finding themselves in financial difficulty due to the pandemic. Credit unions have an important role to play in helping people save and borrow.

Thamesbank Credit Union has been of huge benefit to those living in Twickenham and I am glad it is available to help local residents, particularly when they are in difficulty.” Munira Wilson MP


A staggering number of Twickenham residents took out pay-day loans in 2019. The combined total of 42,770 loans was valued at £11.7M.

Thamesbank is continuously looking at ways to help members from paying extortionate rates the payday lenders offer.

Credit Union is for everyone and your membership allows individuals to access funding otherwise unavailable for whatever their circumstance.

Local MP, Munira Wilson recently shared her concerns for residents and how we can improve the local economy.

Speak to us today to find out how we can help, or refer us to a friend. Together, we can build a local economy that is community focused.