It’s all too easy to let cash slip through your fingers, especially if you are just tapping a card on a machine. There are various ways to make sure each spend registers with your brain – work out which system works for you:

*Return to cash? Some are using the jam jar method (piggy banking, savings pots, or cash stuffing — as it’s called on social media) where you divide your money into separate pots, or envelopes, for different expenditure. This can make it easier to budget, ensuring bills are covered and what money you have goes exactly where you want it to.

*Money-management apps helps you budget digitally by connecting the app to your bank account, analysing your spending, helping you set and achieve savings goals.

*With prepaid cards, you load what you have to spend onto the card. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Watch out as some prepaid cards have a monthly fee.

*Set up a day-to-day spending account with its own card at your existing bank and put a direct debit in place to transfer your weekly disposable income on to it.

Whatever your saving goal, you can open a saving account with Thamesbank. Learn more.