Members eNewsletter March 2022 edition

Welcome to the March edition

It is often said that wisdom comes with seniority and age. We can learn about emerging countries where villagers elect and respect their elders to guide them and to make the major decisions. However, we should have a bit of fun as well. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II said at Christmas 1991, “Let us not take ourselves too seriously. None of us has a monopoly on wisdom!” On that note, we have put together a blog post on how you can enjoy planning for retirement.

We also share some interesting facts about the London Borough of Richmond, as part of our ‘Did you know’ series as well as how Thamesbank is organised.

Are you struggling with making ends meet in terms of bills and other expenses around the house? We have a homeowner loan that could help. Find out more in our ‘homeowner loans’ section.

Our referral scheme is still running so make sure you take advantage of the offer. It ends on 30 April 2022. More details are in our Members’ noticeboard section.

Finally, don’t forget to R.S.V.P to our AGM that takes place on 21 March. More details are in our Members’ noticeboard section.

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Have fun planning for retirement

Retirement is not like vacation. In retirement you have a different relationship with time. Vacations are usually time limited, and you are aware of this while on vacation. The realisation that you are not going back to work is something you can’t prepare for until you are retired.

Learn how you can enjoy planning for retirement from our website.

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Who owns and runs Thamesbank Credit Union?

Get the low-down on who owns Thamesbank, how it’s organised and more information about our Board of Directors.

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How well do you know Richmond?

Richmond is one of the areas that we serve as Thamesbank Credit Union.

Did you know that the River Thames is still tidal up to Teddington and so you can sometimes see seals or even a whale in the river?

This is one of the interesting facts about the borough. Learn more about Richmond from our website.

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Homeowner Loans

With the rising costs of energy, fuel and other household amenities, some may struggle to make ends meet.

Therefore, Thamesbank is here to help.

If you are a regular saver with equity in your property, we can give loans up to the maximum allowable by our regulator. This is £10,000 on top of your savings. The maximum savings you can have is £7,500.

Rates are negotiable but start as low as 3% APR.

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Words of wisdom

Do not worry about your past mistakes.

As Warren Buffet said:-

It is good to learn from your mistakes but it’s even better to learn from other people’s mistakes..”

Members noticeboard

Annual General Meeting – Monday 21 March 2022

We will be holding our AGM on 21 March 2022 from 7 pm to 8 pm via Zoom. You should have received your invitation by email. If you haven’t received yours, please contact us at Our AGM documents are available on the website here. If you have received your invitation, don’t forget to R.S.V.P by Friday 18 March at 5 pm.

How would you like an extra £50 or £25?

Get rewarded for referring a friend or colleague to Thamesbank. If you refer a colleague, you and your colleague will be rewarded with £50. If you refer a friend where they join and borrow, both of you will get £25. You can get more details here. The offer ends on 30 April 2022. Terms and conditions apply.