The much-anticipated International Credit Union Day® on October 19, 2023, has come and gone, but its significance remains. This year, we celebrated the remarkable 75-year journey of the credit union movement.

Credit unions, like Thamesbank, stand as not-for-profit financial cooperatives, offering a compelling alternative to traditional, profit-driven financial institutions. With over 393 million members in 118 countries, encompassing a network of more than 87,000 credit unions globally, the credit union movement continues to provide essential financial services and promote positive economic and social change.

Since 1948, International Credit Union Day has been an annual celebration, held on the third Thursday of October. It is a cherished occasion, allowing us to honor the rich history of credit unions while raising awareness and support for their unique and cooperative approach to finance.

The global community remains vast, with 1.4 billion individuals lacking access to banking services. Credit unions possess a powerful model to serve these underserved populations, a message we encourage the entire global movement to celebrate and promote.

International Credit Union Day is officially recognized by the World Council of Credit Unions, a global platform supporting credit unions and financial cooperatives. Additionally, it receives backing from national credit union trade associations and federations worldwide.

Thamesbank wishes to express its heartfelt thanks to all our members and supporters for being an integral part of our credit union family. We remain committed to offering financial education and support to our members and look forward to continued growth and assistance in the future.

Photo credit: International Credit Union official poster