April is synonymous with Easter, Easter eggs, bunnies and the rebirth of flora. Decorating trees and bushes outdoors with painted Easter eggs is a long-held German tradition and becoming more popular here too.

1. Decorate your eggs. Make a hole at each end of the egg with a pin and blow the raw contents into a bowl. Was and dry shells and decorate with felt tip pens and/or paints (you can create your own “natural” colours for example from onion outer peels). Using a needle, carefully sew some thread for hanging at the top of the egg and knot in place or add a bead to secure.

2. Plant up containers. Select small spring flowers such as primroses, violas and mini diffs to plant up your pot. Water.

3. Push in decorative twigs. Take branching stems from deciduous trees or from trimming raspberries and similar last autumn – and push them into the pot, avoiding the plants.

4. Hang eggs to finish the display. Hang eggs on the branches. You may also tie up one or two colourful bows.

Place somewhere sheltered but in good visibility and enjoy.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!