You are probably going to hear lots of fireworks as people will be celebrating the following:

A) Diwali on 04 November 2021 – a Hindu festival that takes place over six days

B) Guy Fawkes on 05 November 2021

With all this excitement of festivals and celebrations, most police and fire teams tend to use the following guidelines:

  • Be discreet with your valuables/money. Carry bags close to you and keep them closed when no in use
  • Cover jewellery to ensure it is not on show; for example, wear a scarf to cover a necklace
  • Be aware of what is happening around you and trust your instincts, if you feel unsafe change your direction and go where you feel safer or are more visible to other people
  • Before leaving home, remember to lock your doors and windows, even if you are going out for only a short time
  • Consider using a timer switch for lights and a radio if you go out in the evening or overnight.
  • Always report incidents to the Police
  • Never overfill your #karahi with oil or leave it unattended when the heat is on. If the oil starts to smoke, turn off the heat and leave it to cool
  • Use only enough ghee for the #diva to last your puja. If you do need to leave a diva, candle or nightlight unattended, make sure that it rests safely on a surface which will not melt or burn. At all times, keep the flame at a safe distance from curtains, decorations, or clothing
  • Most importantly is to keep your pets in comfort, especially with all the unexpected bangs and flames which will be happening over the next few days.

Author: Mukesh Malhotra, Chair of Thamesbank Credit Union