Ready to conquer your debt?

This guide lays out the Debt Snowball, a strategy focused on speed and psychological motivation.

Here’s a breakdown of what it means:

Go for the small wins first: Pay off the smallest balances first, regardless of interest rate. This gives you quick victories and keeps you motivated.

Think speed, not math: While not the most mathematically efficient, the snowball method can get you debt-free faster than you think, often in 18-24 months.

Focus on one debt at a time: This makes it easier to stay on track and see progress.

Refinance high-interest student loans: If you have high-interest student loans, consider refinancing to save money in the long run.


  • Motivating: Seeing quick wins keeps you pumped.
  • Simple: Focus on one debt at a time, easy to manage.
  • Proven: A successful method for many people.
  • Frees up money: As you pay off debts, you have more money to attack others.


  • More interest: You may pay slightly more interest than with other methods.
  • Not fastest: It might take slightly longer to pay off all debt.
  • Not for everyone: Not the best choice for everyone, especially with high-interest debt.

Remember: The best method is the one that works for YOU. Consider your personality, goals, and debt situation before diving in.

Bonus Tip: Use a debt snowball calculator to see how fast you can reach your goal!