Would you like to stay cool in the summer or warm in the winter and pick up some bargains to boot?

Well, you could turn to BNPL, couldn’t you? BNPL is advertised heavily on various websites and stands for Buy Now Pay Later.

It is promoted by companies such as Klarna, Lay-by, Clergy and others. It allows you to buy an item at the regular retail price now and you pay for it in instalments or at a later date, interest-free.

Why should you not turn to BNPL and consider ThamesBank Credit Union instead?

There are two main reasons:

1. BNPL schemes are NOT regulated by the FCA. That means, if anything goes wrong, you cannot complain to FOS or get any help.

2. You do not get a discount. With cash from Thamesbank Credit Union, you can negotiate a discount or a better deal. Furthermore, your monthly repayments could be less.

So, if you want your pair of sunglasses, a cool summer dress, designer shoes, warm clothes, a smart or sporty winter coat or those trendy trainers, you have a great choice with us. Find out more about our loans here.

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