The second training event this year for Directors of our Client credit unions was held on Saturday 18th June at the Hilton Garden Hotel.

Gareth Evans Director of GRE Consulting gave a brilliant presentation covering the following key areas;

  • Having and keeping up to date Business Plans is a requirement of our Regulator and not optional. Businesses of all sizes and shapes rely on Business Plans to keep them focussed on the important issues facing their operation.
  • The planning process kicks off with a strategic planning session which should develop a consensus about the credit union’s vision and goals; strategic priorities and tactical plan.
  • This is followed by a more detailed delivery plan which considers timing; the key players that need to be involved and the resources necessary to deliver the results.
  • The next stage is to develop a budget and to allocate staffing resources to deliver the results planned.
  • Probably on a quarterly basis there should be a review of progress looking at KPIs and milestones.
  • The planning cycle becomes complete with an annual review of the results and consideration of any changes that need to be made.

The Business Planning Session was the second training event we have developed to answer the call from our clients that are keen to become more effective at what they do for their credit unions.

The next session will probably be in September and related to Anti Money Laundering policies and procedures.