No matter who you are or your circumstances, debt distress can happen to anyone – but if you’re worried about debt, help is available.

How do I get problem debt advice?

As a member of Thamesbank, your first contact for help if you are having, or anticipate, difficulty meeting the terms and conditions of your Thamesbank loan should be the Customer Services Team at Thamesbank.

In addition, you could seek confidential advice from StepChange. Their online tool can guide you through the advice process to help you get the right support for your circumstances, but if you need further help you can speak to an advisor over the ‘phone.

Who are StepChange Debt Charity?

StepChange Debt Charity is a UK debt advice provider that has helped people take back control of their financial situation through free, impartial debt advice. It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
StepChange’s debt advice can help you with:
• Setting up a monthly budget so you can afford your food, home and energy costs
• Suggesting ways you could increase the money you have coming in, for example identifying any benefits or government support that you may be entitled to, or ways to reduce your spending
• Explaining what could happen if you don’t pay your debts
• Telling you which of your debts are more important and need to be paid
• Which options, called ‘debt solutions’, are available to deal with your debt and which option they recommend for your unique circumstances.

Debt Awareness highlights debt as a potential danger to people’s well-being, however, debt can be beneficial and inevitable at certain times of one’s life, but it has to be taken on affordably and responsibly. As the research shows, individual circumstances can cause an income shock for an individual, but help is at hand, from Thamesbank and StepChange.

Key contacts
Thamesbank Customer Services

StepChange charity
0800 138 1111 8am-8pm M-F, 9am-2pm Sat
Online help

Thamesbank has no influence over nor receives any financial benefits from, StepChange. Thamesbank members who take the advice of StepChange do so at their own risk. Thamesbank shall not be liable for any loss or costs they might incur as a result of taking StepChange advice.