Customer Service

Thamesbank Credit Union’s customer services is facilitated by our partner organisation, Credit Union Solutions (CUS). CUS is an independent company that offers back-office and customer service support to Thamesbank Credit Union, and other credit unions.

CUS Open Hours

Telephone service for all inquiries 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday (except Wednesday from 12 noon) 0208 756 3865.



Saving with Thamesbank Credit Union

Saving is one of the benefits of joining Thamesbank Credit Union. It allows us to make decisions on loans and agree on the best rates for members based on their ability to save.

If you don’t intend to set-up a Payroll deduction from your salary straight to your Thamesbank account, members are encouraged to set-up a monthly Standing Order to start saving immediately. It can be as little or as much as your budget allows. We encourage you to save as much as you can and to start as early as you can.



Borrowing with Thamesbank Credit Union

By avoiding paying high salaries to directors or having expensive branches, we keep our costs really low and provide the best possible value loans to you – our members – the people who own Thamesbank.

The key things to remember about Thamesbank’s loans are:

  • We do not charge any arrangement fees, unlike many lenders
  • We only charge interest on the outstanding balance of your loan rather than the original amount
  • Thamesbank does not charge for early repayment of your loan, making life easier for our borrowers
  • We will match or beat any written offer you show us from a bank or other financial institution, so you should always check us out.



Payroll Partners

Thamesbank offer Payroll deduction as a way to help members save and borrow easily. Many Thamesbank members have arrangements with their employer to make payments to Thamesbank directly from their salary. By having a savings account members have access to loans with preferential rates.

We can set-up payroll deduction with any organisation without any fees and with minimum fuss. Contact us today for more information and we’ll help get this set up for you.

  • Save directly from your salary
  • No set-up fees for you or your employer
  • Preferential access to loans up to £3,000

Current agreements are in place with the following employers;

  • LB Hounslow
  • LB Richmond upon Thames
  • Richmond Housing Partnership
  • Coop Homes
  • Bluebird Care Twickenham
  • Bluebird Care Slough
  • Cranford Community College
  • Hounslow & Richmond PCT



Engage Card

You can transfer funds from your Thamesbank Credit Union account onto an Engage debit card and can use this to withdraw funds

‘Engage’ is a debit card facility, allowing members to transfer savings or agreed loan payment to independently access their money easily.

Members using the Child Benefit Savings and Loan facility find this an exceptionally useful means of receiving un-allocated child benefit.