As we finally emerge from the hibernation that was brought upon us because of the pandemic, we reflect on how the past 18 months have impacted our lives. Have we made positive steps to make our loved ones’ lives better? Have we resolved to talk more, make more time and help each other more?
Get Britain Talking is a great ITV initiative to address mental wellness to help families get closer. “Talking is one of the best ways we can look after our mental wellbeing. But a lot of the time, there are barriers that hold us back from having deeper and meaningful chats. Whether that’s not having the time, finding it uncomfortable or not knowing how to open us” states the ITV website.

In addition to discussing how your close friends and family have coped emotionally during the past year, it’s also important to recognise and assist those that may have found themselves in financial difficulty during COVID.

It is important to be there to offer support and helpful advice to your loved ones. As a valued Thamesbank member, you are aware of the benefits available. The last thing that should happen is someone should turn to unscrupulous money lenders that will charge extortionate interest rates for borrowing. If your friends or family are concerned about the closure of the Provident for doorstep lending, tell them how Thamesbank Credit Union can help.

Thamesbank Credit Union can offer a variety of services that are hugely competitive compared to the main banks and building societies:

• Savings accounts to help plan for Christmas, holidays or other planned expenditures
• Child Benefit loans of up to £750
• Transport loan
• Home Improvement loan
• Payroll loan or savings plan

Whatever the challenge is there to help you and your loved ones. We are owned and run for our members with no external shareholders. Credit Unions are not for profit, there are no hidden charges or penalties if you pay off your loan early (unlike high street loans where you could pay a charge)

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